Our Vision

Our Vision

World Harvest Bible Church
It’s more than a name it’s our vision!

The WORLD is our field, HARVEST is our function, the BIBLE is our foundation and the CHURCH is our family.

The World is our Field

For God so loved the World … God’s heart is for the whole World, when He commissioned the disciples in Matthew 28:18-20 He said to go to all nations.  Our church represents over 30 nations and through every person not only is the UK impacted but every nation represented and beyond.

The Harvest is our Function

We do not exist for ourselves but to reach out to those around us; to share the love of Christ and to bring salvation to many.  We are in exciting days, when God is pouring out His Spirit and we believe that many will repent and turn to Christ in these days.

The Bible is our Foundation

We love the Word of God: it encourages, provokes, challenges, teaches and most of all reveals Jesus to us.  We back everything up that we teach from the pulpit with the Bible – it is our sure foundation.

The Church is our Family

Every person at WHBC is significant whether young or old, married or single, from the UK or abroad.  With an extravagant goal to be the most loving church in the world, we care for all those who call WHBC their spiritual home and we would love you to be part of our family.

With such a big vision, it can be easy to lose focus, so every year we break down our main vision into a bite size portion which helps us be sharp and set priorities.

Our Mission Statement

World Harvest Bible Church exists to reach this global generation with the uncompromised Word of God, confirmed mightily by the power of the Holy Spirit, establishing believers in God’s character, releasing them into their destiny.

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