Our DNA Copy

Our DNA Copy

Our DNA defines us, it reveals who we are:


Encounter … a desire that is hard-wired into our being! We were made for God’s presence, to live in constant relationship and dynamic encounter. Yet the daily routine of work, home, eat, sleep can blunt even the most active life. Every day we encounter things that shape, mold and affect us … expectations, restrictions, responsibilities … all adding up to a life that is less than amazing. Yet God’s presence changes everything and makes anything possible. His invitation to encounter Him still remains today.


Our faith is living and vibrant. God did not design us to contain our faith but to let it explode from our lives. Many wander through life wondering what it is all about instead of living life on purpose. Our faith is active and exciting, revealing God’s life. Our faith and our deeds go hand in hand, as we seek to live a life that is real and transparent, bringing God’s life to others.


God’s love comes to us without judgement or criticism: God’s desire is that all men be saved. He has designed every person with a need to belong, to have a desire to be significant and to know the love of God. Love is what fuels and directs our faith: love compels us to become practical.


We are passionate about our God and the plan He has for our lives. Ephesians 2:10 says: “We are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.” Each person has a destiny in Christ and it is our desire to prepare, train and see every person that calls WHBC their home, fulfil the plan God has for them.


We are committed to a large (mega) local church that not only significantly influences its community, city and nation, but also serves as a base from which to establish believers in their destiny. From this base many are launched into the harvest fields of the World establishing churches, bible schools and ministries which contribute significantly toward the global harvest of this generation and therefore the soon return of our Lord.

To Go

We are committed to providing mission opportunities for every partner, whether young or old, in the UK or abroad. Mission is a big part of the vision here at WHBC, starting with our Founding Pastors who are currently serving in Nigeria. Mission enables us to open our eyes and see beyond our own boundaries; mission stretches us and reveals the gifts that we have been given.

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