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How to get to Studio4

Studio4 is very easy to reach by public transport or by car.
The Broadway Metrolink tram stop is three minutes walk from Studio4.
The 33 bus goes from Piccadilly Gardens on a regular basis and stops
on Langworthy Road which is about ten minutes walk. The number 9 bus
between Salford University and Media City stops outside all our buildings.
The M602 motorway  terminates less than half a mile from Studio4.
Please not that marking is limited directly outside Studio4,
especially 9am – 5pm on weekdays.

Studio 4 houses the church offices and is our amazing new facility for children, youth and young adults. Located close to the heart of media city.

With our vision of our children being “Today’s Church, Leaders of their generation” we felt challenged to provide our children and youth with facilities that matched that of the adults.

With greater numbers of children coming from the local communities we saw the need to provide training that matched the hope and vision we were seeing the children grasp … a God-given hope and vision … to affect nations through TV & Media.

Once finished the facility can easily accommodate 300-400 children of different ages for fun, creative, faith-inspiring activities that train our children and youth for the future God has for them.

Building Project

Vision: To Invest in Youth and Children

We believe our children are leaders of their generation. Today’s young people have been described as the EPIC generation (Experiential, Participatory, Image rich, and Connected) they are like no other; they communicate, socialise and learn using technology & media.

Studio 4 is a purpose built tool to reach them:

The media rich facility will help us to be relevant in reaching into their world: encouraging, equipping & empowering them to develop their God given talents.

Our Goal:

We expect more than 20,000 young people to walk through the doors of the facility over the next 10 years.

Through tailor made events and activities we aim to achieve excellence leaving them with a sense of value and purpose.

Objective: It’s about People

Studio 4 will enable us to be more effective with our “Open Doors” outreach in the community.

WHBC currently runs several projects in support of our Open Doors ethos; these include the detached Youth and Children’s work, CAP Money Course (Helping people out of Debt) and the seasonal community outreaches.

Studio 4’s location is perfect for access to media city the home of the BBC, ITV and many other media related organisations.

Since the Studio 4 project began, we have started training for the Food Bank, an exciting new outreach that will be run from a dedicated section of Studio 4! The food bank provides food to families in hardship when they need it most

Tiny Tots, Tiny Tots, Tiny Tots, Go Tots, Go Tots, Go Tots, GoKids, GoKids, GoKids, Ignite, Ignite, Ignite


Tiny Tots & Go Tots: 80% Complete
GoKids: 50% Complete
Ignite: 55% Complete
Phase 3: 11% Complete

Building Project Mini Report:

Our Goal is to complete the project in full by 2015 and completely Debt Free!
Thanks to generous donations in cash and time we have achieved a lot so far.
So what’s in the building?

Tiny Tots & Go Tots: 80% Complete
0-3 and 3-5
These rooms have been completed debt free and were designed purposefully for this age groups. There are some minor additions such as new folding partitions to be added.
GoKids: 50% Complete
Dedicated mainly to 6-10 year olds.
It’s an open area with a Stage with a mezzanine floor and Cafe overlooking it.
Gifted young people get to develop their God given talent through a variety of activities.
Ignite: 55% Complete
For 11-19
We will open this room up and add a mezzanine floor to overlook the main central area, its an overflow of the main Ignite room. We plan to have recreational facilities in this area it is also flexible enough to be adapted for other uses.
Phase 3: 11% Complete
3.3 Cafe: Not Started
The contemporary cafe with basic kitchen facilities will be available to support various events at specified times. The cafe will have glazing for visual access into the GoKids area below.
3.4 Lift: Not Started
We will be installing a lift in the lobby for people who may require it due disability.
3.5 Electrics, Heating and Lighting: Progress 65%
Not much to say here, it’s essential!
3.6. New Toilets: Progress Upstairs 15%Downstairs Phase 2
We will complete the toilets upstairs and create new ones downstairs for GoKids
3.7 Mezzanine
The mezzanine is a great addition into the building, it will add significant floor space, immediately adding value to the building. The new cafe, overflow to ignite and extension of the corridor, boiler room etc will sit on the mezzanine floor. Stairs will run internally into the GoKids area.
3.8 Statutory Requirements
To make the building safe and compliant, there are several requirements we will be putting in place such as new fire strategy, alarms, security, sound insulation etc.
We are working closely with the authorities to develop the design and specification to fulfill all requirements.
3.8.1 Car Park Expansion
We will expand the car park to create additional spaces.
3.8.2 Bin Stores
Proposals have been approved for the submission of the Bin Stores we are required to fence them round. So we will!


How you can support the vision:

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