What you believe, you give power

The test of a successful Christian life depends on the power of belief. Your belief is either releasing the flow of God’s power or limiting it in you. Ps 62:11 says, “God has spoken once, twice I have heard this: that power belongs to God.” The resounding echoes from this scripture are that God is omnipotent and only God is true. Any suggestion to the contrary is a lie of

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Pick Me!

At school I was academic rather than sporty, so on PE days I was the one silently hoping I wouldn’t be the very last person to be picked for the team once again. God doesn’t work like that – He doesn’t pick us on the basis of our ability but on the willingness and availability of our heart.  God knows our thoughts even if we are not jumping up and

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So people encounter Jesus

Since the start of this year we have been praying daily for our local areas, whether that be prayer and fasting, or through our declarations over our streets.
Having recently moved on to our street I found myself in the same place as many in our church, I do not know my neighbours names, and I have never even seen the faces of the people living next door to me! Yet God says this land is mine, He has given it to me. God has given you your land to take possession of: To own.


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It depends on what you see

When you look at a glass of water, is it half empty or is it half full? I am not asking the old question to find out if you are a pessimist or an optimist. But what do you see? Well, the answer is: It’s full – it’s half full of water and half full of air! When we look at the Bible and we read some of the difficult

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Help! What shall I do?

Making a decision can sometimes be hard. On the one hand we seek no advice and just do what seems right; on the other hand we surround ourselves with too much advice and don’t know which way to turn. There are some good points we can take from Jeremiah 6:16: Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in

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A phone call of faith

I recently moved house and ordered some new furniture. It was all sorted and paid for, the delivery date was set, all I had to do was wait in from 9am till 7pm and the furniture would be delivered to me. The day came and went. The furniture did not arrive. This is not supposed to happen. I had paid for this furniture. I had a promise of a delivery.

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What being a true Christian means

As long as I can remember I have been taught to love God, read the Bible and seek to live my life following God’s plan. I was very young when I decided to choose this for myself and not just because it is what my parents do, but I knew that Jesus died and rose again, to save me from the consequences of everything I have done wrong. However it

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Be Thankful in All Things

We all know that it’s good to express our gratitude. We know that we should write thank you letters or make that phone call when someone sends us something. A quick note thanking the host after a weekend away will always be welcome. But do we always remember to thank God? And why is thankfulness so important? After all, of course we’re grateful, aren’t we? I’ll just briefly clarify the

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Forgiveness is not something we generally find easy as a species. We tend to run more on an internal justice scale or tally sheet – angry with someone until they do enough to balance out what we feel they owe us.


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Don’t look back

A friend once asked me, “Have you ever been involved in a car accident?” I told him I had, one or two were my fault, others (I’m not saying how many) were the fault of the other person. I asked him how many he had had, “None,” he replied, “But I have seen many in my rear view mirror!” Sometimes it pays to look back and others not. God never

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Sat Nav or Map?

Sat Nav is probably the response for most! I, on the other hand much prefer a map, keeps the brain working and after all it is a really good skill! So, every time the text message comes through with post code of the venue for the next fixture, I go to route planner and maps. However, despite having done numerous journeys to various locations, I still leave the motorway feeling

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The Greatest Story

It’s got to that time again when we can listen to the Christmas songs, so I was doing that yesterday and it struck me that every year there are new songs telling the Christmas story – the story of how God ‘invaded’ the earth in a moment of time and changed everything for everyone. I began to wonder, will we ever run out of new songs telling this amazing tale?

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Gale force winds

Sharing an office with others can be quite interesting. Some like it nice and warm, a comfortable, workable temperature (me), while others (no names shall be mentioned!), like the windows all open, fans going at full speed creating a freezing gale force wind in the office! This week was one occasion where this difference was noticed! I had just managed to get the office at the most perfect temperature when in walked a couple of others, who like it… slightly cooler! The windows were opened, the fans went on. In the spirit of getting along, loving others, putting others before myself, I slowly turned up the radiator right by my desk so that I could maintain some level of warmth whilst allowing them to have their gentle breeze! They asked

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Immanuel God with us

A few weekends ago, I was sat in a first aid training day when the instructor showed us a film about heart attacks and how the heart responds in those situations. It was amazing to see how very often a small area of the heart can be ‘dying’ and over the course of 2-3 days it performs its own bypass operation creating new vessels to get around the troubled area. Whilst this cannot always happen due to the timescale and severity of differing situations, the fact that this happens just amazes me. When God created us in his image He created us not only to live in health but with a body that fights disease and sickness and is creative in its solutions to the various problems encountered. I find

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