Week of Prayer at home
25th September – 1st October

Hunger Matthew 5:6
Those who hunger for righteousness will be filled. Today, as we look forward to Encounter 2016, pray for a fresh hunger for God.
Determination Psalm 27:8
WHBC is determined to press in and seek the Lord on behalf of our family, our church, our city, our nation, our nations. Today make that decision to seek Him.
Discernment John 10:1-5
Today pray for a spirit of discernment as you listen to His voice more and tune out other voices.
Worship John 4:21-24
We know who we worship! Spend today in worship, loving on Him, exalting His name, declaring His goodness.
Mercy 1 Peter 1:3-9
Spend today thanking Him for His great mercy and wonderful salvation. Thank Him for what He has done in your life personally.
Wonder Mark 9:15-29
Pray that as you and others run to encounter Jesus this weekend that we will be overwhelmed by His wonder. Pray that circumstances and situations that have been stuck will change as everything is possible as we believe in Him.
Ask for rain Zech 10:1
Pray for an outpouring of his Holy Spirit, for His glory and power to be revealed, for miracles, signs and wonders.
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