Three Weeks Of Prayer January 2017

Beginning 9th January we are calling the whole of WHBC to 21 days of prayer and fasting to consecrate ourselves and prepare for the coming year of increase and growth.

Fasting enables three main things to happen

  • A new dedication of ourselves to God.
  • Releases breakthrough and deliverance
  • Releases new spiritual authority and sensitivity

Fasting creates an environment in which we hear our Heavenly Father more clearly.  By denying our “flesh” (normal desires) we focus our spirit man.  Fasting does not produce better faith but because we hear from the Lord more clearly our faith grows in times of fasting.

Fasting is a small sacrifice compared to the reward of having a fresh encounter and new revelation of God.

Each week we will be coming together to pray either at the Sanctuary or through your Life Group and we are asking you to commit yourself to joining in these at least once per week:

Week 1 – Together: 7.30pm at the Sanctuary

Week 2 – Love: As arranged with your LifeGroup

Week 3 – Works: 7.30pm at the Sanctuary (cleaning clothes required)

Get ready for an exciting year – 2017 will be full of good things!

Types of fasting

  • Miss one main meal a day; either lunch or dinner
  • Miss breakfast and lunch but eat normally in the evening
  • A “Daniel” fast: mainly vegetables and pulses.
    (more details at
  • A “Full” fast: no food, only water or juice.
    (if you are doing this please inform your LifeGroup Leader and chat to a doctor regarding your health)

Health Issues

There are a number of medical reasons why certain people shouldn’t fast especially pregnant women, the elderly, those on some medication.

Fasting should never bring harm to the body.  If you have concerns, be sure to consult your doctor.

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