Who Are You Listening To?

Who Are You Listening To?

In our bible reading plan, we have been reading both books of Timothy. I feel that the Bible is just as relevant today as the day it was written. With Timothy, we have letters sent to a young man and they contain amazing words of wisdom, encouragement and instruction. I like to read these books as if they have been written to me. So I have been reading the first book of Dave and we have just started to read the second book of Dave. (Feel free to put your own name in at this point, otherwise it can become a bit embarrassing for me.)

By reading in this way, firstly it shows just how alive the scriptures are and secondly how much the word of God is just as much for us today. In this world of mass communication, we are bombarded with information, news, and in many cases trivia. I was in a recent meeting when out of the blue a cry went up “Lewis Hamilton has won”. In the past we would have had to wait to hear the news. Our heads and minds are awash with data. So when we sit and read the Bible, is it just old news or is it up-to-date exciting words to cut deep into our heart?

I suppose the question I am really going to ask is who are you listening to?

When you open up your Bible do you ask God for a new insight into the word, are you expecting something new or is it just the same old thing?

Paul wrote to me (sorry Timothy) because he wanted to help and encourage me, he wanted to make sure I was on the right track; he wanted to give me information that would be helpful to others. It’s a shame Paul is gone, but he left me loads of good stuff and I have other great people of God who will continue the work in me – and you.