The Journey

The Journey

A long time ago, there were some wise men who set off with some gifts, and perhaps camels and donkeys, on a journey. They had seen a star in the sky and since they were astrologers they knew it meant something special. They followed with confidence and faith the path on which the star led them to discover a King – not just any King, but one who had been promised from ancient times.

Many people today also find this King, our journeys may take us on a direct route if we are born into a Christian family or they may be more dramatic if we have not heard of Jesus before we get ourselves tangled up in the ‘excitement’ the world has to offer, and come to Him by a more round-about way.

This King has a plan for each of our lives however, and we all need to make a turn from the path we chose to take on our own, to following the steps He has laid out for us. At any point along the journey, we can choose to take our own path again, or we can choose to stay on the path He has set for us.

Sometimes the path is easy to see, the road is clear, the sun is shining, it seems we have a clear map and the way is easy.

At other times, we reach dark places, stormy weather, perhaps a thick forest and we cannot see the path clearly ahead of us. This is not the path we would choose for ourselves, yet our King is leading us there.

It is on those pathways that we become more sure of our faith, as we have no choice but to put our hands into His and let Him lead us where we can know that even if our feet slip a little, He will not let us fall. His word is a lamp to guide our feet for when we can hardly see our next step, and a light for our path for when the road is clearer.

His promise is that He will never leave us or forsake us. Even when the path ahead is dark, even when there seems to be no road-map, no sign posts and no directions, you can be sure that our King knows the way, that He has put people in our path to encourage us, that He provides His Spirit to accompany us, and that He paves the way with His peace, that is strong enough to calm any storm. At the end of these darker parts of the journey, we find His joy in greater depth – which is our strength to continue on to our journey’s end.