Staying on Course

Staying on Course

Welcome to a New Year with new goals.

A year of abandoning my diet and the Wi Fit has meant added pounds to my body again, so this year I am back on the diet and the Wi Fit.

Today I decided on doing the various programmes slightly slower, more relaxed, and very focused. It meant I was first in two programmes and second in the other. I gained the highest points ever achieved in one of them.

My first instinct for the year was to have a very strict time-focused regime with getting more done with efficient timing. Today taught me a lesson, to slow down a little, keeping fully focused, and be more relaxed.

In one programme you have to hit the ball that goes in various directions with your head. Along with the balls go football boots and a panda that are similar in shape and colour to the ball but are different. Both are there to knock you down and deduct points off your score. I found getting hit by these things knocked my confidence and got me off course. Then I learned to be more watchful of them.

Let’s be alert to wrong things coming towards us, keeping our eyes on God, being led by Him and not our striving! Way to be a winner!