I’ve got the joy back!

I’ve got the joy back!

The last blog I wrote was a bit gloomy. I was honest with where I was with life and the situations I was facing. I then proceeded to explain how having the right verse on my calendar had reminded me of God’s goodness and was changing my perspective.

Today I write from a very different place.

You see, I’ve got the joy back!

In writing that blog, I was forced to declare a lot of truth over my life, speak a lot of scriptures into the situations I was facing and to make plain to myself and anyone else reading where I was at.

I think that was the turning point.

There is a freedom that comes from speaking the truth, whether it’s revealing a secret or just being honest with those around you that you’re struggling. I thought I’d been honest about the situation with those in our life group, with my parents and other leaders, but I think that whilst doing so, I’d also put forward a front that said we were OK when we weren’t. People didn’t get how serious the situation was because we seemed to be carrying on like normal. Because I was doing everything I could to continue like normal.

But it was when I stopped and faced the situation that something changed. God taught me a long time ago that I’m not Wonder Woman, I’m not supposed to do this by myself. But I’d fallen back into that way of living. The moment I realised/admitted I couldn’t do it myself, guess what? God stepped in. And my life group stepped up. There were people waiting to help, if I just asked.

But I had to ask. I had to stop. I had to admit I couldn’t do it myself. I wasn’t designed to after all! God gave us the Holy Spirit so we never have to do anything by ourselves.

And now I’ve got the joy back. I can feel it bubbling inside me again. Praise is a powerful thing, and I’m finding it easier and easier to praise God.

After reminding me of John 10:10, He went ahead and reminded me of Psalm 34. Have you read it? Go and read it NOW! Promise after promise after promise are encased in those verses, just waiting for us to take hold of them. And when we do, life opens up.

So life may not be perfect and Chris may still be in pain, but I’ve got the joy back and that joy is my strength, my song and my foundation. I can keep going and live life in abundance despite everything else because of that joy rooted and established at my core by the Spirit.

So, whatever is going on with you, get hold of Psalm 34, John 10:10 and WHBCdaily. Let the words permeate your being. Admit where you’re at to yourself and God and then speak the truth in to those situations. Need help? Go to your life group leaders or an area leader – contact details can be found on ChurchApp if you can’t wait until Sunday.

But don’t stew and drown in silence. The joy is waiting for you to claim it.