It’s A Pleasure

Holiday brings a challenge!!

Claire & I recently celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary with a holiday in Mexico where for the first time in our lives we paid for an all-inclusive 4-star holiday.
The holiday was amazing!!! The location & hotel even better than the brochure suggested!!
But what made the holiday so great?
Well apart from the obvious … Claire … the hotel staff were amazing!  Nothing was a problem.  Every request was met with a staff member getting what we wanted, often with extras thrown in and the comment “It’s a pleasure!”
That set us to thinking about ourselves … our attitudes to others … our responses to requests for help.
It also set us to thinking about what people say about us … as individuals and as a church.
Whatever bring you pleasure often becomes the thing you most talk about … you can’t help yourself … you have to let everyone know!
How exciting would it be if that was how guests & visitors went away from our church?  Talking about us, the service, the friendships made, the people who helped them park, the person who served them the cup of coffee at the end of the service, the person who looked after their children!
The impression that people pick up from whoever they chat to at church determines their opinion of the whole church … and of the Lord Jesus.
“It’s a pleasure” is the response of hearts that really want people to receive the best!  It is more than just getting a job done!  It requires more of the person doing the job … they have to care … they have to express joy!!!!
It is more than just a slogan … it has to become the overflow of our hearts!
What a great challenge for us at WHBC … as we seek to fulfill this year’s vision … to be devoted … to become the most loving church in the world.