Week of Encounter 2013

Week of Encounter 2013

A time of consecration & preparation. Decide what you will be doing ahead of time & follow through.

Every day or some days?

What type of fast?

  • Miss one meal a day; either lunch or dinner
  • Miss breakfast & lunch but eat normally in the evening
  • Do a “Daniel” fast, eating vegetables & pulses only & drinking only water.
    (more details can be found at daniel-fast.com)
  • Do a “Full” fast, no food, only drinking water.
    (if you are doing this please ensure that you inform your Life Group Leader and chat to a doctor regarding your health)

BUT the main point is to use the time to pray!
other churches or people are doing it. It is something that we do to humble ourselves before God, denying ourselves and dedicating more time to prayer as we seek more of Him in our lives.

Fasting is not an end in itself but creates an environment in which we hear our Heavenly Father more clearly. By denying our “flesh” (normal desires) we focus our spirit man. Fasting does not produce better faith but because we hear from the Lord more clearly our faith grows in times of fasting.

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