The Gift

The Gift

What Would Be Your Ultimate Christmas Gift?

Every Christmas millions of gifts are given and received. Some are just what we wanted, others are the dreaded musical ties. Some are cherished and used everyday whilst others remain forgotten, still in the box.
Jesus is God’s gift to the world, but what have you done with it?

The Greatest Gift Sunday 22nd December 10.30am

It’s the last shopping weekend before christmas. In the hustle and bustle of buying those last minute gifts take a moment with us to think about what all this is really about.
Join us for our Christmas Nativity with traditional and modern carols followed by refreshments and mince pies.
Featuring performances from all age ranges. Christmas fun for all the family.
Listen again to “The Greatest Gift”

The Unwrapped Gift Wednesday 25th December 10.30am

How good is a gift when it hasn’t been unwrapped?
Listen again to “The Unwrapped Gift”

The Unwanted Gift Sunday 29th December 10.30am

Sometimes we don’t always get the present we were hoping for. It might have been that fluffy jumper from Aunt Mable or some not so nice smellies from Grampa Fred but sometimes even an unwanted gift can be useful.
Listen again to “The Unwanted Gift”

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