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In 2014 WHBC launched new short courses held on Sunday nights at the Sanctuary and Studio4.

With a range of courses suitable both for those new to WHBC and those already part of the church, these short courses offer you a great opportunity to learn new things and to meet new people.

Each course is led by a team of people passionate about teaching and empowering you to live out the course content in your day to day lives and giving you practical help and advice to apply what you’ve learnt in your own situations.

The courses run over 5 Sunday evenings. Each evening will begin at 7.00pm with an opportunity to chat and meet new people in the break in our Sanctuary and will be finished by 9.00pm.

To book in to any of these DNA classes, you need to be registered with the WHBC ChurchApp,
or you can book in on Sunday Morning at the info desk

  • Accelerate

    We believe that investing in this 5 week course will change your life and put you one step closer to fulfilling your destiny. Over the 5 weeks you will meet the Senior Pastors and other leaders within the church, discover the benefits of partnership, receive teaching on the foundations of WHBC and experience an Encounter night.

    Book in: October 2015

  • Got lots of meaningful questions? Never really understood the Christian faith or been to church? Sometimes it’s easier not to ask questions but we think life is worth exploring. Alpha is a series of interactive sessions exploring the meaning of life. It’s fun, relaxed and totally no pressure. Alpha was designed for you, or anyone who doesn’t go to church much, if at all.

  • The CAP Money Course is a revolutionary money management course that teaches people budgeting skills and a simple, cash-based system that really works. This course will help anyone to get more in control of their finances, so they can budget, save and prevent debt.
  • Character

    This course explores what it means to be like Jesus, how the character of God is seen in our lives.

    Book in: October 2015

  • Do you want to develop your own prayer life, intercede for the nation or simply be more effective? Through studying the Word and practical application, develop a deeper level of intimacy and confidence in the authority of your prayer life.
  • If being a worshipper is a full-time occupation, can it really be 24/7? What does it mean to be a living sacrifice? How can we worship in Spirit & Truth? We were created to worship God, both in song and in the way we live. This course will unpack what this means, and help you to grow in your own personal worship.
  • Previously, Jesus picked fishermen, tax collectors and zealots: today Jesus picks factory workers, nurses and students to be his apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. How do we and the church live in this today? There are no limitations on what we can become; this course combines theory and practical application of the ministry gifts.
  • Ignite DNA

    Dedicated DNA sessions for 12-18 year olds.
    Join us as we learn about the Spiritual Gifts that God has given us and how to use them to show His love to the world.
    Yummy snacks provided!

    Book in: October 2015
  • Exactly what it says on the tin, a clear thrilling statement of what God has done for us through Jesus.This course defines us and empowers us to know victory over temptation, weakness & a life without direction. Get an extreme makeover as you discover what the word has to say about you and your rights and privileges as a believer.
  • Confidence in life comes from knowing we are secure. Security in Christ comes from living in the ongoing assurance of our salvation. This course will ground you in confidence and help you express this more boldly to others covering topics like “Life and Death”, “Dunked” and “A New Wardrobe”.
  • Marriage on the Rock
    Society demands no real preparation for one of the most crucial undertakings in life: marriage. In an age of disposable relationships and information overload, real answers are needed. This course clearly details God’s principles for a satisfying, dream relationship.
    Book in: October 2015
  • Faith! Secure, certain and pleasing! Just some of God’s thoughts on the subject. So what is faith? How do we activate faith? How can we increase our faith? What prevents our faith from working?
    From the smallest of seeds faith produces truly awesome results. Discover how to use your faith.
  • Parent Talk
    An interactive course that encourages you to share your experiences, to receive support and enable you to shape your child’s future.

    This course costs £10 (normally £22) for the included workbook.

  • People Skills

    Wherever we go, wherever we are, life is full of different relationships.  This course will put tools in your hands and enable you to become skilled in.

    Book in: October 2015

  • Jesus set us an example of how to walk as a servant leader and was known for his joy. What set Him apart? What did the world see? How did He live His life? We too can build these qualities into our lives so that people want to follow us as well. Take a 5 week walk with us down Quality Street.
  • Our availability is the start of an adventure of being used by God. This course focuses on how to lead people in a variety of settings through practical teaching and training for leadership that will work in any sphere of life. Real tools for leadership!
  • Unleash the power of God in your life as you discover how to hear from and be led by the Holy Spirit. This course will demystify the person and workings of the Holy Spirit and enable you to practically live in the overflowing life. Love, power and a sound mind are yours.
  • Do you struggle with thoughts of insecurity, worry or anxiety? If so, how would you like to replace them with thoughts of confidence, peace and joy? You can do it, but you need to let the Holy Spirit fight the battle for you. Come and discover how.
  • Following Jesus from Galilee to Jerusalem, some are “astonished” whilst others are “afraid”. Following Him onto a boat leads the disciples into a violent storm. Is following Jesus always this challenging? Is it worth it? Isn’t it better to just “do church”? In this study we walk with the disciples as they “follow the Lamb wherever He goes”.
  • This Way of the Spirit short course helps us live in a place of victory because of the triumph of the cross. Come and be inspired by the New Testament account of a new exodus, and learn to stay on your chair in heavenly places.
  • A reading guide that catches the full sweep of the message in Revelation with it’s relevance for today’s church. As well as preaching revival, the prophets also saw a time when God would establish a new phase of Kingdom work through Christ. We live in the last phase, the vision in Revelation is there to encourage us to stand firm in our faith and look forward in hope!
  • There was an event in human history when everything changed–when darkness turned to light and death turned to life. This was the time when water turned to wine. This stirring short course breathes fresh life over the opening chapters of John’s gospel–asking why Jesus’ ministry began the way it did and discovering the full implications of his first acts. “Water to Wine” will illuminate your understanding of God’s life-transforming mission to the world, invigorating your walk and relationship with Him.
  • Way of the Spirit: Mountains & Mantles

    Moses, Elijah and Jesus each confronted worldly and spiritual authorities. Each miraculously demonstrated dominion over created order and each rescued God’s people from oppression. This study focuses on links between these men’s ministries and draws striking conclusions for the church today. 

    Book in: October 2015

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