Introducing ChurchSuite, our Church Database
A safe, secure and reliable Church management system, built and hosted in the UK.

We are excited that ChurchSuite is now up and running and ready for you to log in and use.
ChurchSuite will allow us to maintain correct information easier than our old database. and users can go in and edit their own information directly.

Accessing My ChurchSuite

You can access My ChurchSuite by going to or by downloading the app for Android and iOS
Get it on Google Play Download on the App Store

Use the ChurchSuite website

To access My ChurchSuite for WHBC you will need a personalised email with a unique registration link.

When you click on the link, you’ll be asked to set a password which you will then use for future logins.

If you are married, both you and your spouse will receive separate emails and will need to sign up individually.

ChurchSuite already allows you to do much more than our old database:

  • You can to see the LifeGroup(s) you are part of and the details that other members of the group have shared with you.
  • Book in to DNA classes
  • Manage regular and one off giving
  • If you are a parent you will able to add, edit and update information about your children.
  • There are also convenient links to listen to our podcast and check the WHBCdaily reading plan.

ChurchSuite User Guide

For More information on how to use My ChurchSuite view the

Update your details

Once you have logged in, you will be able to manage your contact details, making updates where necessary.
When we invite you to sign in to ChurchSuite we will included the details that we now have for you, so that you know this email is really from WHBC and is not a scam.
If any of these details are incorrect, please log in and update them as necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our database is maintained by a company called ChurchApp Ltd, the recently changed the name of their main product ChurchSuite.

    ChurchSuite is a full suite of interconnected products, working seamlessly together, helping to organise and manage all aspects of church life. ChurchSuite is so much more than simply an app!

    ChurchSuite is written by  same team that brought you ChurchApp with the same developers and support team. We’re a fully bootstrapped, privately-owned UK company, run by God-seeking Christians who are heavily involved with their local churches.

  • Our previous database that was developed in-house was getting very old and unwieldy and was becoming increasingly unable to do the basic tasks we needed it to do, it was also bloated and full of unnecessary features that were slowing it down.
    Using ChurchSuite also allows LifeGroup and Team leaders to work from one central list of congregation members, ensuring that everyone uses the most up to date information and honours any data protection requests you have made. This removes the need for your information to be saved, shared and printed in multiple, often insecure places. You stay in complete control of the data we have on you.

  • We spent a long time looking at a number of solutions, including writing our own new database. We also consulted with a number of other local churches and looked at the systems they used.
    ChurchSuite is written and maintained by a dedicated team of professional Christians who use the database in their own churches. The software is use by both !Audacious and King’s Church in Manchester and is also recommended for use by Vineyard and Elim churches throughout the UK.
    It is written in the UK observing UK data protection laws and with an understanding of other needs specific to the UK (such as Gift Aid).

    We also looked at several international systems and systems based in the USA including options that we could download and run on computers in the WHBC office.
    We ultimately decided that a web system that everyone could use and which allows individuals to control and update their own data was the best way forward.

  • By default your data is shared with other people in your LifeGroup(s) and, in the future, Teams. You can log in and update your data and choose to make everything but your name invisible to everyone. If you do this people will still be able to email you as part of your LifeGroup or Team but they will do so without being able to see your email address. Only people in a LifeGroup or Team can see the information you have chosen to share.

    If you have a real concern about people being able to see just your name, you can request that all your information is hidden from congregation members by emailing [email protected] – you will no longer appear in lists of group members, instead a note on the bottom of the list will state that there is an extra member who has chosen to stay hidden from the group.

    The Senior Pastors and Database Administrators can see the complete records of everyone in the Church.

  • ChurchSuite runs in a data centre connected by multiple links to what is considered the centre of the UK’s internet infrastructure, Telehouse London, as well as to the Manchester data network. This means that if one internet connection goes down, ChurchSuite will still be available and unaffected.

  • All of ChurchSuite uses SSL encryption, meaning that all the data passing between your computer and the server does so using 256-bit military grade encryption, making it nearly impossible for anyone else to see what you’re sending. SSL is an industry standard technology and one you’re probably familiar with if you use online banking; it’s the same technology used by all the major UK and international banks.

    In addition to this, all of ChurchSuite servers are UK based and hosted by one of the UK’s leading data centres. They are certified with ISO 27001, which ensures a level of security that reduces the risk of breaches in the confidentiality, integrity or availability of data to a minimum.

  • The data centre used by ChurchSuite uses state-of-the-art security and meets some of the strictest of industry security requirements in order to be classified as a Tier 2 data centre. Add to that a dual backup procedure to multiple locations and you can rest assured your data is in good hands.

    All server access is limited to only ChurchSuite employees and we never give our server passwords to anyone else. We also use only dedicated hardware, meaning no one else uses other parts of our server, and therefore no one else even comes close to your data.

  • A backup is a copy of the data within your ChurchSuite account, and is taken in case of a catastrophic hardware failure or natural disaster, both of which are highly unlikely, however we believe it pays to be prepared for the worst. Your ChurchSuite account is backed up in three separate ways:

    • Firstly, the ChurchSuite server runs what is called RAID, where two identical hard disks mirror each other. If one hard disk fails, the secondary hard disk takes over, and no data is lost in the process.
    • Secondly, a nightly incremental backup of the entire server is kept in the same data centre as the ChurchSuite server, allowing rapid recovery in the event of a major hardware failure.
    • Finally, a secure incremental off-site backup is kept in a separate secure location. This backup would be used for data recovery in the event of a major natural disaster.

If you have any further questions please email [email protected]

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