This year Ignite Youth Group will be taking our first mission trip to the Philippines. We will be leaving Manchester on August 8th and returning again on August 22nd.

While the group is there we will be traveling to remote villages helping with Prayer, Faith and Healing crusades. We will be participating in children’s ministry, street evangelism, passing out Gospel of John books in the native language, visiting schools and so much more.

We are very excited about this trip and we know that God is going to do amazing things through our young people. We believe that every teenager should go on at least one mission trip while they are in their teenage years. We believe this because when you go on a mission trip you will never be the same. Our youth are going to grow and be stretched in ways they never imagined.
As you can imagine going on a trip isn’t free. This year there are 10 people going in total and the cost is roughly £12,000. Each member of the team has been asked to bring in £700 to participate in the trip. As a group we have a goal of raising £4,000. We have been believing God for the money to come and also putting our faith into action by holding fund raisers throughout the year.


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Pennies 4 the Philippines During this fundraiser we set forth the challenge to people to bring in all the pennies that they have at home and donate them towards the trip.

Philippines 2012 T-shirt This has been the best fundraiser we have done. One of our very own youth designed the t-shirts and for the past few weeks we have been selling them. We are still taking orders for these shirts if you would like to contribute to our trip please contact [email protected].

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Missions Blog

As we prepare for this trip and whilst we are in the Philippines we will be updating our missions blog.

  • Life Changing!

    This mission trip has been incredible. The team that went had to sleep on wooden tables under mosquito nets in 30 degree heat. They were tired, hot, and sweaty. In the natural their flesh was crying out begging for a break. But each one of the team rose to the challenge that was set before them. They put their flesh down and went 100% after what God had for them and lives were changed both in the Philippines and in the members of the team!
    While on this trip we held church services, children’s crusades, street witnessed, and passed out 7,500 Gospel of John books to individuals. On average there are 5 people per family. That means we reached roughly 37.500 people with the Word of God in just 3 days. But that’s not all we did. We laid hands on the sick, prayed for people, worshipped God with our whole hearts, performed in schools, and shared Bible stories with over 200 children. These are just the highlights of what we did. If you want to know more ask the youth who went. They have stories to share that will touch your heart and make you step back and give glory to God!
    Each of the team has come home forever changed. They have gone deeper in their walks with God. He has revealed things about their futures and what He has called them to. Everyone of them has been given a world vision. The kids who left here on the 8th of August are not the ones who have returned. They have been set on fire for Jesus. They will impact this nation for Christ, of that I have no doubt. In short their trip has been life changing!
    I am honoured to have had a small part in this. I praise God for the changes He has made in these youth. This years word for the church is Activated. These young people have been truly activated.
    If you have been thinking about a mission trip but haven’t committed to it, I just have to say do it. Step out of your comfort zone. Lay your life down for a week or two and go. You will not regret it. I believe that everyone should go on a mission trip at least once in their life. Even if you are not called to the mission field. God will use you to impact lives for the Kingdom, and your life will be forever changed.

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  • Update from Abigail Hayes

    We’ve only been in the Philippines for just over a week, but we’ve done so many things and have spoken to so many people, that it feels like we’ve been here longer. One of the best parts was giving out 4,500 Gospels of John on Tuesday into 13 schools. Dud to the children taking them home to their families, about 20,000 people now have access to the Word of God who didn’t before. We also helped on a Compassion project last weekend; singing songs, telling the Gospel with balloons and telling Bible stories for over 200 children and seeing many of them and their mothers saved.
    We’ve also lead other services and many other things during the time we have been here so far on Bohol, and have seen God move in all sorts of different people’s lives from small children to Bible school students. The whole experiences has brought us closer together as a group because we have all seen many of the same things and spent much time together in prayer and in conversations with each other! I am definitely looking forward to all that is still to come during and after the trip. We have all given out so much of the Word of God that there will be a change because His Word cannot return alone. He has great plans for each one of the people we have met regardless of their current circumstances, because He loves them dearly. Therefore during the past week we have shared God’s love and explaining how to be saved in order to give the people the opportunity to follow that perfect plan. I believe God still has much more for us to do during the remainder of our trip and I can’t wait to see God’s will happen.

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  • Update from Lesh Otto

    I have had many good experiences on this mission trip to the Philippines. Firstly I have had the opportunity to practice my faith. For example by praying for healing in a healing crusade. My relationship and faith in God > has increased and I now know that God answers prayers. I have also seen first hand the great work of Philip and Tracey Johnston!

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  • Update from the Philippines

    It has been an interesting trip with lots of different types of experiences; challenging and un-challenging. The people are really hospitable and always want to give you there best service possible. Which is a real blessing as it makes the basic resources much easier to use. When I say basic conditions I men sleeping on wooden tables and using toilets that can’t flush automatically, you have to use a bucket of water to flush them. However despite the living standards in the rural areas the expectancy has been so high and God has delivered in all the ministries. Such as the healing ministry. I’ve also enjoyed working and playing with the children and how lively they are to interact with the rest of the team. The foods good the Philippines are good and so is life.

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  • Update from Javan Shaw

    So far the trip has been amazing and I have seen so much and grown so much. It is so wonderful to see people so willing and wanting to know about Jesus. We have done unthinkable things like give 6,000 Gospels of John to people in universities, high schools, and primary schools. We also did healing crusades where people were healed. because everything flourishes so quickly.

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