GoKids For Years 2 – 6

At GoKids we want to see children EXCITED about Jesus and PASSIONATE to make Him known!

GoKids Studio

Each week the children have incredible times of meeting with God through praise, worship, dance, drama, games, teaching and discipleship.

GoKids emphasises the importance of Godly character, walking by faith and in the leading and power of the Holy Spirit. We believe our children will discover God’s purpose for their lives at a young age. GoKids is one of the most important places for our children to build Godly friendships — and have fun too!

We believe that children are not just tomorrow’s leaders, they are TODAY’S leaders, filled with the Spirit, with unique gifts, knowing the Word, and ready to be used by God. Every term the children get to prepare and lead a Sunday service, training them further in their leadership skills. It’s an exciting time!

This is not just Sunday School. This is an encounter with God, a real, living, relevant God.

GoKids Studio happens Sunday at 10:30 AM in Studio4

Event Nights

An Event Night Happens every half term and has a different theme from halo-een and Christmas to talent shows and Easter. Event nights are a great time to build relationships through football, art and craft, drama and games. Event night attracts many children from the local community and we have seen many lives impacted through this fun-filled evening.

Upcoming Events

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