On september 4th we are having an International Friend and Family Day – a fantastic opportunity for you to invite the people in your life that have never been to church before.

This Sunday service has been specially designed for non-christians, there will be careful explanations of everything going on so that people who might not have been to church before will not feel out of their depth, the service will have a clear and easily accessible message and a clear salvation call.

All you ned to do its invite someone!
So start thinking now who you can invite.
On this page you will find a series of videos and other resources designed to help you when you are inviting someone to WHBC.

God Loves people
Jesus stated his mission was to “Seek and save the lost”
Our mission is to “Seek and save the lost”

Think about who you are going to invite on September the 4th.
Also think about what your story is.

We have lots of people that we interact with on a daily basis

Fiends – people you hang our with 
Relatives – people in your family
Associations – people you work with
Neighbours – people who live near you
Kids – people you know through your kids

Each offer an opportunity for you to invite people to church

Wake UP – To the people around you
Look UP – Take your eyes off yourself
Stand UP – And speak the truth of the Word

We are ambassadors for Christ, we are His personal representatives.
When the people around us see us they see Christ.

When we fish we need the right bait, we also need to prepare in advance.

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