RBTC Manchester

World Harvest Bible Church is the base for Rhema UK and home of the Manchester campus of the Rhema Bible Training Centre.

As a leadership in the UK and Ireland we are creating a 2020 Master plan that will include refined mission, vision and goals. This Master Plan will have a strong emphasis on establishing training centres and facilitating church pioneering throughout these islands.

Practical, not Intellectual

It has been said that 80% of what is taught in most Bible schools and seminaries is not usable in every day life and ministry.  Rhema has decided that is should focus on what is most usable, providing very practical training and teaching.

You will be trained in how to apply the Bible to your everyday life, as well as ministry. Through your time here you will grow spiritually and develop in your relationship with God, as well as gain a deeper understanding of the Bible.

Download the Application Pack

For more information, visit the Rhema UK & Irland site.

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